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Home Buying What are Portland’s Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods? Courtesy of our friends at Chicago Title, here are Portland's 25 Hottest Neighborhoods: Number of Homes Sold, Days on Market, and Most Expensive.  In the "Property Search" tab on my web site you can search homes by Portland Neighborhod and now you can also search by drive time.  Enter your work address and desired drive […]
Home Buying I will not “sell” you a home !! If that sounds strange coming from someone whose favorite activity is working with people who want to buy or sell a home, let me explain. What I will do is help you find the right home for you.  When you see it, you'll know it's the one.  No "strong arm" needed from me. I write […]
Home Buying Portland Metro Short Sales and Bank-Owned Continue to Decline, as does Total Inventory The 2013 numbers for short sales and bank owned homes (both new listings and sales) are in the chart below.  Total homes for sale continues to be quite low.  At year-end 2013 there were 5,159 total listings, down from year-end 2012's 5,632.  Year-end 2009 listings total 13,019, so we currently have less than half the […]
Home Buying Mortgage Rates Up? 3.75%? Until just a few years ago, 6.0% was a terrific rate.  Then we got spoiled with a few months of 30-year fixed rates in the low 3% range.    I get a weekly "rate sheet" from a Portland credit union. Today's shows a 30-year fixed FHA rate of 3.75% "with limited fees"  Because of fees […]
Home Buying Portland Home “Revamp” Makes Houzz The current "This Week on Houzz" features "Paint and pluck revamp a Portland ranch house".  See the before and after photos and the owner's comments here,
Home Buying What’s Ahead for Real Estate in Portland in 2014? I know, the only problem with forecasting is when it involves the future, so this is not me talking, but Zillow says Portland will be the ninth hottest market in 2014.  Their story is here
Home Selling How to Sell Your Portland Home – Start with these staging and curb appeal guides   In today's "Seller's Market" it's tempting to think it doesn't take much to sell your home, but there's so much more to it than putting pretty pictures (I pay a professional photographer) on the MLS.  It starts with defining a target buyer.  Just who's most likely to buy your home?  I recently listed a […]
Home Buying How do Portland Homes & Homeowners Compare?   Compared to the rest of the US, more Portlanders have three vehicles and two or more full baths, but fewer of us have air conditioning.  Eliot Njus has just posted an interesting graphic with these and several other interesting statistics about the characteristics of Portland homes and homeowners in OregonLive.com
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Home Buying “No, the Housing Market is Not Stalling”   That's the article title in Business Insider.  My last post compared a couple of real estate industry yardsticks for Portland with the nationwide numbers.  Here's a graphic look at the inventory numbers nationwide It's from Business Insider and the whole article is here
Home Buying Comparing Portland to Nationwide Real Estate Trends   I frequently read news stories about nationwide real estate markets and trend statistics, but I know the old adage about real estate and location is true.  So I put together this chart comparing the same nationwide numbers I read this morning with those for the Portland Metro (Tri-County) area.  While home prices nationwide are […]
Home Buying Mortgage Interest Rates Trending up, BUT…
Home Buying Terrific New Tool to Find Your Dream Home   Windermere has just released a new mobile app for iPhones.  It has all the search capabilities of www.DaveSuttonHomes.com (and a few more).  It will let you search by the usual criteria, select your favorites, and then create an optimized Driving Tour to see them all with the least amount gas!.  GPS based "Nearby listings" […]
Home Buying How’s the Oregon Real Estate Market?   While I focus on the Portland area, it's sometimes interesting to see how Portland compares to other Oregon and SW Washington areas.  Here's a look at the first quarter 2013 closed sales compared with 2012. Multnomah County is up 11%, at neither the top nor the bottom of the range. Clackamas is a little […]
Home Buying Q & A with Windermere President Geoff Wood   Did you know Windermere is family owned?  That's just one of many reasons I joined Windermere more than eight years ago.  This Q & A from Seattle Business with Geoff Wood will give you a little insight into how he thinks about managing the company to support the nearly 6,000 Realtors who support our […]
Home Buying In Some Portland Neighborhoods Average Days on Market is TWO !   Why get preapproved before you start home shopping? Why be sure you AND YOUR REALTOR know EXACTLY what & where your desired home is? Why use a Realtor who stays on top of the market where you want to buy? Because Portland Real Estate Is MOVING This chart shows how many months it would […]
Home Buying Portland Home Prices Up Over 50%   Sometimes it's tempting to compare today's Portland home prices with the top of the housing bubble in 2006 and think home values are down, but real estate has always been a long-term investment value.  From 2002 to 2006, average home prices in Portland went up nearly 90%, but current prices are only a little […]
Home Selling Congress Extends Cancellation of Mortgage Debt Relief   I know, that sounds like a politician's tricky double negative but what it means is that if a lender forgives some portion of a homeowner’s mortgage in 2013, either as part of a short sale or foreclosure, or in a loan restructuring that reduces principal, the owner/seller will not be required to count that […]
Home Buying A Remodeling Project (or Two) will NOT Increase Your Home’s Value. Here’s the Proof.   The best reference I know (short of an actual bid from a local contractor) for remodeling cost and how it affects the value is Home Remodeling magazine's bi-annual issue on the subject, available free here. It defines every remodeling job.  For example a mid-range bathroom remodel is described as: "Update an existing 5-by-7-foot bathroom. […]
Home Buying Who Pays The 3.8% Tax on Investment Income? Not Very Many of Us   I think I wrote my first post on the confusion around this new tax two years ago and there still seems to be a lot of misunderstanding/misinformation about it.  The National Association of Realtors has "Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the 3.8% Tax".  Click here For specific tax advice for your […]
Home Buying When Searching for Homes, all Real Estate Web Sites are the Same, Right? Wrong!   If you want to see ALL the homes that meet your search criteria, you're much better off searching on www.DaveSuttonHomes.com (which uses the Windermere search engine) than either Zillow or Trulia, and probably any of the other real estate "syndicator" sites that accumulate listings from a wide variety of sources.  In Portland, only 80% […]