Is this neighborhood noisy?

If prospective buyers could spend a week in a house they're thinking about buying, it would give them a good feel for the neighborhood, including how noisy (or quiet).  Now there's a tool that can help with that. Enter the address at HowLoud and you'll get a SoundScore – a 50 to 100 rating (higher is quieter) on the ambient noise level.  While it won't tell you about the neighbor who leaves for work at 5:00 AM on his Harley, it will give you a look into noise produced by trains, airplanes, traffic, commercial sites and the like.  If this "takes off" it will become similar to a WalkScore as one independent tool to evaluate a neighborhood.


Posted on August 11, 2016 at 1:35 pm
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Terrific New Tool to Find Your Dream Home


Windermere has just released a new mobile app for iPhones.  It has all the search capabilities of (and a few more).  It will let you search by the usual criteria, select your favorites, and then create an optimized Driving Tour to see them all with the least amount gas!.  GPS based "Nearby listings" and "Nearby Open Houses", too,  One popular feature is "More like this" so when you find a home you like, you can find similar homes within a one mile radius.

See how it works here which includes a link to download the app. 

At the "My Agent" menu (under "More") if you'll select Dave Sutton we'll be able to share notes and other information.  Enjoy !

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Six Factors OUTSIDE a Home that Affect Value –

We all look at the INSIDE of a home when we think about what affects value, and that's rightly so.  But it's easy to overlook the important neighborhood factors that also have a significant impact on a home's value.

  1. Schools and their quality
  2. Public transit access
  3. Walk Score*
  4. Front Porch
  5. Low maintenance exterior
  6. Parks and/or dedicated open space

*Walk Score is a 0-100 rating based on how close a home is to shopping, restaurants, library, coffee shop and the like.  It's something probably half of the Portland buyers I work with rate as one of their top three most important factors.  It's at or there is a link on my home page.





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