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To Buy a Median Price Home in Portland, You Must Earn How Much?

According to HSH.com it takes $60,307 income to qualify to buy a median price ($271,900) home in Portland.

If you don't make that much, don't give up on home ownership.  First that's a broad brush using national figures for interest rates and other things.  Working with a good local mortgage broker (ask me for a recommendation) can probably improve on that. Second, there are a lot of nice homes for less than the median price (Median is just the number for which half the home sales are more, half are less). 

As I write this (May 28) there are 26 3-bedroom Portland homes for sale priced between $190,000 and $200,000. What income is required to buy one of those? Did I say I could recommend a top notch mortgage broker?

To see what's available in Portland in any price range just let me know your price range and I'll send you the listings right away.  Want to know how much home you can buy on your present income?   Did I say I could recommend a top notch mortgage broker?

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