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Home Buying Latest real estate news from Windermere Chief Economist Mathew Gardner Would you believe lumber prices are up 52% from a year ago?  That and more here
Home Buying Improved Housing Forecast from Natl Assoc of Realtors National Association of Realtors is changing their 2019 Mortgage rate forecast to 4.5% (down from earlier 5.5%) and home price forecast up 2.9% (up from 2.2%.  Full story here  
Home Mortgage Tax Deductions for Homeowners: How the New Tax Law Affects Mortgage Interest Personally, I have used a tax professional since in my first job after college, earning $85/wk, I was audited 3 times. But here’s a guide from the National Association of Realtors that may help you know the issues when you meet with him/her.
Home Buying What are the Benefits of Owning Real Estate Besides Your House? Here’s my answer to that question just asked on Quora Owning your house is the biggest and best benefit. It means you can paint the bathroom whatever color you want, remodel the kitchen, plant what you want in the yard, and on and on…all for your personal comfort and enjoyment. If you have a mortgage, […]
Home Buying The Best Mortgage Information comes from? With mortgages, there is no “one-size fits all”.  Mortgages (and the rates) vary according to your personal situation: income, debts, down payment, credit score and so many more items. Your best source for mortgage information is a local, experienced, mortgage broker.  If you don’t know one, contact me for an introduction to my preferred lender.  […]
Home Buying Home owners #1 complaint – should have bought bigger home We continue to buy ever larger homes, now average 2700 SqFt (up 1,000 from 1973).  41% of renters wish they’d bought.  Full details here.
Home Buying Triple your down payment money – free ! I just learned of a new down payment match offer from Guild Mortgage, the largest local mortgage lender in the NW.  It’s really simple: you put up 1% of the purchase price of a home and Guild makes a grant of 2% so you qualify for a conventional 3% down payment mortgage.  Yes, you just tripled your money.  You […]
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