Uncategorized What’s the future for mortgage rates? Here’s Windermere’s Chief Economist with the answer
Home Buying Improved Housing Forecast from Natl Assoc of Realtors National Association of Realtors is changing their 2019 Mortgage rate forecast to 4.5% (down from earlier 5.5%) and home price forecast up 2.9% (up from 2.2%.  Full story here  
Uncategorized What Qualities Should You Look for in a House? “Location, location, location” is the stereotypical answer to the question, but location has several important meanings: Neighborhood – How does this home fit in with other homes in the immediate (4–6 square blocks) area. You don’t want the most expensive home in the neighborhood because you won’t get the value out of it when you […]
Home Buying Nine Ways to Make Your House More Photogenic Nine good points, from today’s NY Times.  In my 14 years experience staging has two advantages for the seller: 1) higher sale price and 2) quicker sale.  Many times staging can be done with the seller’s own furniture, as with this condo I recently listed which sold for 13% over list in a week.  
Portland Events & Activities Where to Buy the Perfect Christmas Tree? If you’re looking for a Christmas Tree Farm, click here for an interactive map of Portland area places, courtesy of our friends at First American Title.  
Portland Events & Activities Have a coat or warm blanket to donate? I’ll pick it up. From now until December 16, Windermere offices in Portland are collecting warm blankets and coats.  Drop off at any office listed here OR I’m happy to pick it up.  
Portland Events & Activities Portland is hopping in November Here’s a list from our friends at First American Title (I’m up for the Turkey Trot)
Portland Events & Activities Portland area Pumpkin Patches & Haunted Houses From our friends at First American Title, click here for an interactive map with all the details.    
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Portland Events & Activities Coat or blanket to donate? I’ll pick it up ! It's the time of year when there's an even greater need for coats and blankets.  Windermere's Share the Warmth Coat & Blanket Drive is under way and my office (825 NE Multnomah St. on the ground floor) is a drop off point, BUT if it's better for you, contact me and I'll come and pick […]
Home Buying How Fast are Oregon Homes selling? While the chart shows Oregon as less than 30 days, the reality is that any decent Portland home that's fairly priced will be gone in a week.  My last listing went live on MLS at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night.  We received 10 offers by Wednesday and accepted $56,000 over the list price.   […]
Uncategorized Want to help families impacted by wild fires? If you'd like to directly help families suffering from the current wildfire epidemic in the Northwest, this link to the Windermere Foundation will send 100% of your donation to local organizations in the area you designate or to your billing zip code: http://www.windermere.com/blogs/windermere/posts/the-windermere-foundation-wildfire-fund    
Home Selling Thinking of cutting down that tree? Sometimes trees die or outlive their location.  It's unfortunate, but true.  But before you fire up the chain saw, be sure to check with your city.  Many require permits and there are fines for cutting without.  City of Portland permit is $25 but the fine can be $1,000.  Also consider leaving the whole job to […]
Home Buying Home buyers: beware of wire fraud scam Most home buyers need to transfer money to the escrow company to complete the down payment  the day before closing.  The common way to do that is with a "wire transfer" – an electronic transfer from the buyer's bank to the escrow company.   The escrow company will send "wire transfer instructions" to the buyer to […]
Portland Events & Activities December Portland Activities & Events New to Portland?  Old timer looking for new things?  Here's a list put together by my friends at Ticor Title Activities –   • ZooLights o Don’t miss this magical sight: zoo animals frolicking in the form of a million holiday lights.www.oregonzoo.org   • Winter Wonderland o From the warmth of your car, tour the […]
Uncategorized A little well-deserved recognition for a fellow Windermere Stellar broker Who cares about another golf tournament, you say?  This one has raised over $100,000 for the Windermere Foundation, all of which supports local charities  Read More
Uncategorized Home Price Change Comparison by U.S. Region The data comes from the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Administration) and is for the 1st Quarter 2014 compared to 1st Quarter 2013.
Uncategorized Windermere Foundation Donations The Windermere Foundation raises money two ways: 1) a percentage of the sales commission from every Windermere Real Estate transaction, and 2) individual contributions by agents (yup, me too), staff and friends, including fundraising events (like our upcoming golf tournament in Portland – want to go?). Here's a look at where $276,547 went in the […]
Home Buying What are Portland’s Hottest Real Estate Neighborhoods? Courtesy of our friends at Chicago Title, here are Portland's 25 Hottest Neighborhoods: Number of Homes Sold, Days on Market, and Most Expensive.  In the "Property Search" tab on my web site you can search homes by Portland Neighborhod and now you can also search by drive time.  Enter your work address and desired drive […]
Uncategorized Top Seven Trends in Luxury Real Estate How about a bathroom mirror that turns into an LCD TV when you want?  Even the "news junkie" that I am wonders about that, but all seven are interesting It's from Worth magazine.  Click here for the full story.
Home Buying Mortgage Rates Up? 3.75%? Until just a few years ago, 6.0% was a terrific rate.  Then we got spoiled with a few months of 30-year fixed rates in the low 3% range.    I get a weekly "rate sheet" from a Portland credit union. Today's shows a 30-year fixed FHA rate of 3.75% "with limited fees"  Because of fees […]