“How to” Search Portland by Neighborhood

Portland is very "neighborhood-conscious", and it is never more so than with real estate.  An identical home across the street – and across a neighborhood boundary – can have a market value tens of thousands of dollars different.

The main search box on this web site lets you search by named Portland neighborhood.  Just put the neighborhood name in front of "Portland, OR".   For example:."Irvington, Portland, OR".  Be careful with spelling.  It will present a drop down box with correct neighborhood names, but be sure it shows the neighborhood (and state) you want in the drop down  If it doesn't either you've spelled it wrong or it will give you something WAY AWAY from what you wanted. 

You can select whether you want exactly the neighborhood boundaries or if you want to be within a selectable range beyond, in quarter mile increments. 

It's a great tool, just a little finicky.  Let me know if you're having problems making it work like you want and I'll help